Introducing Twitter’s @Anywhere

Last month at the SXSW, Twitter introduced a new platform named @Anywhere for website developers. It was launched today. The new platform makes it easy to integrate Twitter features within any website with only a few lines of Javascript.

For now, you can automatically linkify Twitter usernames or add hovercards (like this: @olussier). You can also create follow buttons and tweet boxes (to allow visitors to send tweets directly from your website). Finally, @Anywhere brings “Twitter Connect”, a method for your visitors to authenticate using Twitter (very similar to Facebook Connect actually).

To get you started quickly, you first need to register an @Anywhere app to get an API key. Then add this line of code to your website:

<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

And then you can automatically add hovercards using:

twttr.anywhere(function(twitter) {

jQuery fans will like to know that @Anywhere uses it and you can use jQuery’s selectors to choose what to apply hovercards to, like this:

twttr.anywhere(function(twitter) {

Find more details on Twitter’s developers website!